What are you proposing to build?

We are proposing to build a mixed-use project with 260 rental units, 10,000 square feet of ground floor retail and a European-style Food Hall and Market. The project includes one, two, and three-bedroom units.


Will your proposed project improve upon the area?

We believe that our project, which is orientated to both Laura and Lisa Lanes substantially improves the experience in the neighborhood. New retail tenants and the Market along Lisa Lane will bring new energy and improved amenities to what is currently a underdeveloped block.


How does your project integrate with the Parmenter Neighborhood Plan?

The Middleton Market will address several City of Middleton goals set forth in including sustainable use, economic development and creation of housing. The 8.46 acres proposed for redevelopment is currently made up of softball fields and undeveloped land.


How is your project sustainable?

The buildings will embrace green amenities include Solar Photovoltaic panels, an on-site car share program, rainwater harvesting and integrated “smart” technology. The project will also focus on improving the durability of construction and energy efficiency incorporating high quality interior and exterior products and energy efficient lighting, heating, and water fixtures. The overall buildings will be Energy Star Certified as well.


What is “Smart Technology”?

All apartments will offer integrated controls that include a “learning thermostat,” which automatically programs itself to a resident’s habits; digitally managed door locks; automated lights; and smart hub that ties all the technology together. All of the functions can be controlled by smart phone or from an Alexa device.


So what exactly is a European-Style Food Hall & Market?

The Food Hall is a 15,000 square foot venue which will bring 20+ different food stalls, restaurants, and retail vendors. It will features a curated collection of the city’s best food purveyors under one roof, uniting residents and visitors over fantastic food and drink, expansive seating and event programming options.


What is the vision for the food stall offerings at the Middleton Market?

The general vision for the food offerings will be a series of stalls and shops offering high quality, chef-driven specialty foods with a wide range of diversity.  Some establishments will be a cooked-to-order, while others will specialized in ready to eat and cook at home offerings in a market setting.  Each stall will offer a limited number of highly specialized and targeted culinary offerings, artisanal and local in design and execution, with affordable prices typically found in food halls serving food counter-style.  Each stall will present its own unique personality/trade dress in a size ranging from 100-700 square feet. The Middleton Market reflects the best of food trends, innovations and exciting offerings that may be unique to the area.


How do I apply to become a vendor at the Middleton Market?

Interested vendors can apply through the website. Within this application, you will be asked to present a proposal which will detail your concept. This application will begin the process of arranging for presentations, interviews, and potential tastings to be conducted by the management company. The Middleton Market will review all potential applicants and make determinations as to ensure a vibrant, non-repetitive and all-encompassing line-up of unique businesses and start-ups for a projected opening Spring of 2019.  The Market will have a wide variety of offerings and not multiple stalls vending the same items.  The success of the Market hinges on the synergy of a carefully curated, diverse line-up of vendors.

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